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Selected Faculty Profiles

Voices and expertise of clinicians from renowned institutions around the world

"I’m impressed by PeerVoice's ability to take new and important research developments and synthesize them, especially in such an unbiased manner, particularly in my areas of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Like many healthcare professionals, I’m extremely busy and also appreciate the ability to access quality education at my convenience."

Melanie J. Davies, CBE, MD
Professor of Diabetes Medicine
University of Leicester
Honorary Consultant Physician
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Leicestershire, United Kingdom

"The concise and balanced medical education provided by PeerVoice has been of great benefit to supporting rheumatology practice. Their educational activities are topical and informative, their medical news is personalized, and all are accessible anytime, making it very convenient for busy practitioners."

Laura C. Coates, MBChB, PhD
NIHR Clinician Scientist
Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences
University of Oxford
United Oxford Hospitals NHS Trust
Oxford, United Kingdom

"From my perspective in an academic practice, I have found that PeerVoice is an excellent source for cutting-edge, scientifically accurate information. The information is succinct yet detailed enough to be valuable for both busy clinicians and those involved in research."

Robert P. Giugliano, MD, SM
Staff Physician, Cardiovascular Division
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Associate Professor in Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"I have used PeerVoice frequently over the past two years, and have found it to be one of the best sources of up-to-date information for most aspects of my discipline, cardiology. In particular, I like the peer-reviewed articles that have been selected for their relevance to my practice."

Raffaele De Caterina, MD, PhD, FESC
Professor of Cardiology
University of Pisa
Professor of Cardiology, Director University Cardiology Division
Pisa University Hospital
Pisa, Italy

"Having had the pleasure of partnering with PeerVoice on several occasions for medical education in hepatocellular carcinoma, I appreciate their focus on high-level articles, and their contribution to the ongoing development of higher standards of care. They always provide solid, up-to-date, and objective information of very high quality."

Peter R. Galle, MD, PhD
University Prof. Dr. med. Hepatology, Gastroenterology
Director of the 1st Medical Department of Internal Medicine
University Medical Centre
Johannes Gutenberg University
Mainz, Germany


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